Tatsu's Healing Space is a Yoga center for relaxation, Chi (Ki) and Meditation. Members come to this center to release the stress from their body, from living in the city. Once they learn how to relax they can refresh their mind and body and then, they can develop a higher consciousness.


There are many 'SHINTO' shrines that are one of the beauty's ofJapan. SHINTO is thenative religion of Japan.
It is based on respect for one's ancestors and for nature. It does not have a sacred book like the Bible. Its basic belief is that kami(or gods) exist in all things. We'd like to tell you about our Japanese spirituality. This tour is different from other tours. We practice meditation and visit shrines so that you have deep undestanding and experience. We'd like to tell you about the beauty of Japan. (Arts, Nature and Arcitecture.)
We Tatsu invite you to come with us.